Kids Born to Older Moms Score Higher on Thinking Tests: Children with younger moms once had the advantage, but that trend has reversed, study finds
Kids' OD Risk Rises When Opioids Left Out at Home: Odds of overdose more than double if parent takes powerful narcotic instead of milder pain med, study finds
There's Fun and Fitness in the Pool for Asthmatic Kids: High humidity in indoor pools can also help keep airways open and prevent attacks, doctor says
Most Parents Don't Think They're Meeting Kids' Nutritional Needs: In national survey, only 1 of 3 respondents felt they're teaching healthy eating habits
Is Surgery Always Needed for Kids' Appendicitis?: Review found many with inflamed appendix were fine with antibiotics alone, but more research needed
'Love Hormone' Helps Dads and Babies Bond: Brain scans show distinct response when fathers gaze at their kids
Lingering Baby Weight? Don't Blame the Pregnancy: Researchers find weight gain speeds up a year after delivery, suggest motherhood might be the reason why
Hey Fellas, Depression Can Strike New Dads, Too: Men who are stressed or in poor health seem to be at special risk, study shows
Flu Vaccine a Pretty Good Match for Viruses This Year: CDC: Overall, it has been 48 percent effective, but more severe H3N2 strain a factor in reduced coverage
Teens May Go Hungry as Poorest Families Struggle to Feed Kids: Parents skip meals so children can eat, but youngest siblings get priority if there's not enough food
More 'Extreme Preemies' Are Surviving: Babies born at 22 and 24 weeks still face tough odds, but neonatal care improvements have been key, doctors say
Student-Athletes Don't Have to Be Hit By Injuries: Equipment safety, emergency training and time for recovery are key to avoiding trouble, experts say
Zika Lingers in Semen for Less Time Than Thought: Study: But scientists say guidelines urging abstinence, condoms for 6 months after infection should still be followed
Be Your Child's Valentine: The American Academy of Pediatrics offers tips for showing kids your love every day
Low-Income Kids More Likely to Have ADHD, Asthma: Autism more often diagnosed among children in higher-income families, study finds
Screen Time and Teen Time: Study found no link between high use of video games/computers and academics, delinquency
Does a Baby's Sex Affect Mom's Immunity During Pregnancy?: Study may explain why women carrying girls might have worse symptoms of some conditions like asthma
The Motherlode of 'Mother Love' Chemicals: Moms secrete more dopamine when watching their own babies, study finds
Needed: An 'Action Plan' for Kids Prone to Severe Allergic Reactions: First line of defense is an epinephrine auto-injector, pediatricians say
Eczema May Leave Some Flu Shots Less Effective, Study Finds: Vaccine should be given into the muscle, not the skin, research suggests
Winning the Veggie Wars With Kids: Nutritionist offers advice on getting children to eat healthier fare
Air Pollution May Raise Risk of Type 2 Diabetes: Study of obese Hispanic children suggests smog might boost chances of developing the blood sugar disorder
Naps May Sharpen a Preschooler's Language Skills: Kids who slept after learning new verbs understood their meaning better 24 hours later, study finds
Flu Cases Spiking Across the United States: CDC: Hospitalizations and deaths among kids and adults on the rise
College Students Seem to Take Longer to Recover From Concussion: Average is 1-2 weeks, but study found some kids needed more than 3 weeks to get better