'Exoskeletons' May Help Kids With Cerebral Palsy Walk: High-tech motorized device aims to correct disabling gait pattern
Cyberbullying Weighs Heavily on Young People: Suicide attempts more common in both bullied and bulliers
Close Friendships in High School Make for Happier Adults: Meanwhile, popular kids may end up with more anxiety later, study suggests
Too Many Babies Still Placed on Stomach to Sleep: Study: Pediatric experts recommend infants always sleep on their backs to avoid SIDS
Having Same-Sex Parents Won't Affect Kids' Gender Identity: Study: Research showed no differences from children raised by heterosexual couples
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Majority of U.S. Parents Would Support Teen Switching Gender: Survey: Findings indicate growing acceptance of gender transition
Back-to-School Tips … for Parents: First few weeks require patience and support, educators say
Anti-Vaccine Family Members, Friends Spur Many Moms to Delay Baby's Shots: Study found even if pregnant women later hear better info from docs, they may still wait on immunizations
Less is More for the Adult Cholera Vaccine: Giving just one shot instead of two may be better way to control outbreaks, researcher suggests
'Herd Immunity' May Be Curbing U.S. Zika Numbers: But smaller future outbreaks are likely, scientists warn
Young Breakfast Skippers Lack Vital Nutrients: Calcium, iron and folate may be shortchanged when morning meal is missed
Fatal Opioid ODs on the Rise Among U.S. Teens: And heroin led to the most deaths among 15- to 19-year-olds, CDC says
Local Crime Can Put Kids on the Run: Smartphone study finds young avoid their neighborhoods when threat of danger rises
Lack of Sleep May Raise Child's Type 2 Diabetes Risk: Study: It found link -- but no proof -- between less slumber and risk factors for blood sugar disease
ER Rates Soar as Toddlers Ingest Pot, French Study Finds: Accidental intoxication rose 133 percent in a decade; U.S. experts call findings highly relevant
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Calming Those Back-to-School Jitters: Child development expert offers advice on how to ease anxiety as classes start
Therapy for Kids With Autism Pays Off for Moms, Dads: Study found when parents become therapy partners, they become less depressed, learn to keep emotions in check
Parents of Preemies End Up Just Fine: Study: When kids are grown, quality of life is the same as for parents of babies born full-term
Rotavirus Vaccine Cut Kids' Hospitalization, Medical Costs: Virus a common cause of diarrhea among children, study authors report
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Does Early Puberty Affect a Girl's Academic Achievement?: Those who begin their periods younger may leave school sooner, research suggests
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Can Scans Predict Some Autism Cases?: When the disorder is caused by a certain genetic defect, MRI may spot brain abnormalities, researchers say