Cyberbullying Weighs Heavily on Young People: Suicide attempts more common in both bullied and bulliers
Steroid Pills Usually Ineffective Against Bronchitis, Study Finds: Research shows that, like antibiotics, these drugs won't reduce duration or severity of symptoms
Supplement May Help Against Vision-Robbing Disease in Seniors: But no large studies prove the inexpensive pill slows age-related macular degeneration, eye expert says
Confederate Submarine Crew Killed by Blast From Their Own Torpedo: Using smaller replica of H.L. Hunley, researchers determined shock wave likely pulverized their lungs, brains
Many Prescribed Opioids Even After Overdose: Few receive anti-addiction medications after hospital discharge, researchers find
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Caregiving Needs Double as End of Life Nears: Most rely on family members to provide that support, researchers say
Doctor-Patient Dialogue May Boost Use of Blood Pressure Drugs: Physicians in poor neighborhoods should ask about employment, relationships, study says
Hernia Patients May Need Fewer Opioids After Surgery, Study Finds: After repair, smaller prescriptions led to fewer pills that could be diverted or abused
Sitting Could Be Big Health Risk for Frail Folks: Being sedentary not linked to early death in people who are generally healthy, study finds
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Voters in Counties With Worse Life Expectancy Turned to Trump in Election: Study found link between two; researchers point to poverty, lack of health insurance, unhealthy lifestyles
Nearly 4 Million Worldwide Die Each Year From Asthma, COPD: In poorer countries these respiratory illnesses too often go undiagnosed and untreated, report finds
Could Urban Lighting Raise Breast Cancer Risk for Some Women?: Study found link between ambient light and higher odds in young, smoking females, but more research needed
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