'Exoskeletons' May Help Kids With Cerebral Palsy Walk: High-tech motorized device aims to correct disabling gait pattern
Supplement May Help Against Vision-Robbing Disease in Seniors: But no large studies prove the inexpensive pill slows age-related macular degeneration, eye expert says
Longer Prescriptions Make Opioid Abuse More Likely: Study: Doctors should prescribe for the minimum numbers of days, researchers say
Health Tip: Camping and Cooking Outdoors: Suggestions to prevent food poisoning
Have Fun at the Fair, But Don't Pet the Pigs: Vet reminds fair-goers these animals can transmit swine flu
Steroid Pills Usually Ineffective Against Bronchitis, Study Finds: Research shows that, like antibiotics, these drugs won't reduce duration or severity of symptoms
Cyberbullying Weighs Heavily on Young People: Suicide attempts more common in both bullied and bulliers
Health Highlights: Aug. 23, 2017:
How Safe Is Your Drinking Water? Take a Look: Even 'allowable' cloudiness could cause tummy troubles, study says
Early Rotator Cuff Surgery Helps Return to Activity: Procedure also reduces pain and maintains strength, study finds
Dementia Care: A Huge Financial Burden for U.S. Families: Annual costs may top $320,000, study estimates
Doctor-Patient Dialogue May Boost Use of Blood Pressure Drugs: Physicians in poor neighborhoods should ask about employment, relationships, study says
Many Prescribed Opioids Even After Overdose: Few receive anti-addiction medications after hospital discharge, researchers find
He Complains She Shops Too Much -- And Marriage Suffers: Study finds one spouse's views on the other's spending can bring conflict that undermines relationship
Health Highlights: Aug. 22, 2017:
Wellness Visits for Better Well-being: Prevention is still the best medicine
Hernia Patients May Need Fewer Opioids After Surgery, Study Finds: After repair, smaller prescriptions led to fewer pills that could be diverted or abused
Kids' Cases of High Blood Pressure May Rise Under New Guidelines: Simplified tables from American Academy of Pediatrics likely to raise detection rates
Health Tip: Keep Your Sponge Cleaner: Here's what you can do
Zika Hijacks Pregnant Woman's Immune System: Virus can then damage growing fetus, researchers report
Get Ready, Safely, for the Great American Eclipse: Wearing eye protection is essential, vision experts warn
Health Highlights: Aug. 21, 2017:
A Shot of Caffeine May Speed Wake-Up After Anesthesia: In animal studies, caffeine injections shortened recovery time
'Weekend Warriors' Tend to Wear White Collars: Desk jobs keep them seated all week, but they catch up on exercise on Saturday and Sunday, study finds
Health Tip: Food Prep 101: Eating safely at college