At Major Teaching Hospitals, Lower Death Rates: Researchers assess 30-day survival for older patients
Checking Patient's Drug History May Help Curb Opioid Abuse: Sharpest declines seen in states like New York with strict rules for doctors
You're Less Apt to Fact-Check 'Fake News' When It's on Social Media: Study: When users saw others looking at same report online, they were less likely to verify claims
Health Tip: Keep Fleas Out of Your Home: Here's how
Health Highlights: May 23, 2017:
Taking Opioids Before Knee Surgery Could Raise Pain Later: People who took the powerful painkillers pre-procedure had less pain relief later, study finds
U.S. Transgender Surgeries Up 20 Percent in 2 Years: Plastic surgeons' group identifies top transition treatments
Overcrowded ERs Risky for Some Seriously Ill Patients: People with sepsis had to wait almost an extra hour for antibiotics in busy hospitals, study finds
Americans Skeptical of Corporate-Backed Health Research: Study finding a red flag for scientists competing for dwindling funding sources for their work
First-Try Antibiotics Now Fail in 1 in 4 Adult Pneumonia Cases: Patients typically helped by other means, but levels of drug resistance are concerning, researchers say
Health Highlights: May 22, 2017:
Docs May Not Spot Sleep Apnea, Insomnia in Blacks: Reasons why remain unclear, and disparity needs more research, study suggests
Blacks More Prone to Colon Cancers That Arise Between Colonoscopies: Study: Differences in biology or in the quality of screenings blacks receive may be to blame, researchers say
Anabolic Steroids May Tax the Heart: Weight-lifters using the synthetic hormones have lower pumping capacity, study finds
How Not to Nod Off Behind the Wheel: Recognizing signs of sleepiness key to prevention, researcher says
ERs May Need to Rethink Opioid Prescription Practices: States should limit the number of days these drugs can be given, study suggests
Poverty Could Make Lupus Even Worse: Second study saw pregnancy complications higher among non-whites
Zika Mosquito Can Transmit Other Viruses, Too: 3-in-1 bite might also spread chikungunya and dengue fever, study says
Health Highlights: May 19, 2017:
1 in 5 U.S. Cancers Is 'Rare': Little-known malignancies harder to diagnose and treat, study says
Health Tip: Avoid Tight Shoes: They can harm your feet
Mechanical Heart Valve Noise May Mean Sleepless Nights: Some even report that others can hear the sound, study finds
Are You Addicted to Your Smartphone?: How to tell if it's become your BFF
Brain Scans Spot Where Fear and Anxiety Live: Unusually large 'striatum' is linked to inability to cope with uncertainty, research shows
Century-Old Technique May Help Infertile Couples Conceive Without IVF: In study, flushing fallopian tubes with an oil allowed 40 percent of couples to achieve pregnancy