Immunizations for High Flyin' Travelers: Don't leave home without them
Gene Sequencing May Reveal Risks for Rare Diseases: But doctors can be taught to minimize patients' anxiety, study says
Medicaid Cuts Tied to Delayed Breast Cancer Diagnoses: Tennessee's 2005 Medicaid rollback could forecast what might happen if GOP health plans become law, some say
Workers Unprepared for Heart Emergencies on the Job: Survey: Most employees are untrained in first aid and CPR and don't know where to find lifesaving equipment
How to Dodge Summertime Threats: Stings, bites, outdoor cooking and even fireworks keep poison control centers hopping
Health Highlights: June 26, 2017:
Study Highlights the Beauty Industry's Ugly Side: Cosmetics, personal care products get little regulatory scrutiny
What Men Need to Know About ED Drugs and Anesthesia: Having surgery? Be forthright about use of erectile dysfunction drugs to prevent dangerous complications
Avoid a Nasty Surprise From the Barbecue Grill: Wire-bristle cleaning brushes pose an injury risk
Some Republicans Voice Concerns About Senate Replacement for Obamacare: Conservatives say it doesn't go far enough, moderates say it goes too far
Health Tip: Are You Well Enough to Travel?: Skip a flight if you have symptoms
Can Smartphone Use Bring on Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?: Maybe, especially for folks who spend more than 5 hours a day on their devices, study says
Health Highlights: June 23, 2017:
Tissue Testing Can Spot Zika at Birth: CDC: Just 1 in 10 possible cases actually proved positive, report says
Many Doctors Silent on Cost of Cancer Care: Topic is often ignored, even though 'financial toxicity' is a growing concern, researcher says
Senate Republicans Reveal Their Replacement for Obamacare: Bill would rein in Medicaid budget more slowly, preserve preexisting condition safeguards, change tax credits
When is Tourette Syndrome Actually Autism?: Repetitive behaviors, restricted interests occur in both disorders, make correct diagnosis tricky, researchers report
Mammogram Decision Hinges on Patient-Doc Talk, Ob-Gyn Group Says: Updated guidelines say average-risk women can start screening at age 40
Health Highlights: June 22, 2017:
Legalized Pot May Lead to More Traffic Crashes: But auto accident deaths aren't on the rise in states where recreational pot is allowed, researchers say
Posture Pointers for Computer Jockeys: How to overcome that deskside slump
Do Older Dads Produce Brainy Boys?: Study finds their sons score high in intelligence and focus
Rogue Genes May Cause Some ALS Cases: Most people with Lou Gehrig's disease have no known family history of it
Head Position May Not Affect Outcome After Stroke: International study suggests patients will do as well sitting up as following doctor's orders to lie on their backs
Extreme Heat in Southwest a Deadly Threat: Here's how to protect yourself as temperatures top 120 degrees